With the ending of the 2013-2020 Klaipeda city development strategic plan and  in order to ensure the continuity of the Klaipeda city municipality’s long-term development strategy, the preparation of Klaipeda municipality strategic plan for 2021-2030 has been implemented.

Strategic development plan – is a comprehensive institution activities planning document, which, taking into account the analysis of environment and resources, defines the priorities, vision, strategic goals, tasks, measures and stages of the implementation of the development of the city. Financial and other resources are planned. It is an opportunity to ensure the quality of human life, to evaluate constantly changing development tendencies, to analyze their significance for implemented municipal policy, thus strengthening the sustainable development of Klaipeda city.

Preparation of the strategic plan is an analytical process, which examines the current situation of the city and creates a vision for the future, including its implementation plan.

The preparation process of the Klaipeda city Strategic development plan for the years 2021 2030 can be divided into 4 parts :

  1. The process of developing a strategic development plan , which includes: conducting research, developing concepts and methodologies, and preparing a number of analysis.
  2. Activities of the six working groups :

– Working group on environmental protection, is responsible for environmental pollution control, improvement of the quality of the living environment, preservation of ecosystem stability, waste management and the circular economy;

– Work group on the economic and business environment, which will coordinate economic, business and investment attraction, tourism and recreational environment issues;

– Work group on social environment, will search solutions in the areas of health care, social security, public safety, child and family welfare, youth, community and non-governmental organizations, public safety and prevention issues;

– Working group on education, sport and culture, which will coordinate the questions of development of education, sport and cultural services and infrastructure;

– Working group on urban planning and infrastructure, which will  consider urban and territory planning, heritage protection, transport, water supply and wastewater management, energy and other engineering infrastructure questions;

– Working group on public sector to consider the questions related to improvement of the system of municipality and its institutions and enterprises; human resources, internal processes, asset management and service improvement; involving citizens in decision-making; public relations and the image of the municipality.

The working groups will be made up of representatives of the scientific, medical, business, public and private sectors and organizations and communities with extensive experience and competences, who will be closely involved in the implementation of the Klaipeda strategic development plan for 2021-2030 engaging in activities ranging from preparation of situation analysis to identification of vision, priorities, strategic goals, objectives and indicators of the respective field.

  1. Meetings of the Council to discuss the Strategic development plan of Klaipeda city municipality for 2021-2030 – it’s concept, draft strategic development plan and methodology draft project.
  2. Publicity , which aims not only to inform the residents of Klaipeda city about the works carried out, but also to involve them in the preparation of the plan. In order to raise public awareness, it is planned to organize presentations and public broadcasts of the stages of the development of the strategic development plan.

Preparation methodology of the Strategic development plan of Klaipeda city municipality for 2021-2030is presented in the infographic below:

The final document of the Strategic development plan of Klaipeda city for 2021-2030, will be submitted to the Municipal Council for approval in December 2020.

In order to raise public awareness, it is planned to organize presentations and public broadcasts of the stages of the development of the strategic development plan.

Experts of UAB “Eurointegracijos projektai” will provide the services of preparation of strategic development plan and consultations.